City Hall on Valentines Day: WINNING.

8 Jul

We had to get legally married at City Hall before our actual wedding in order for our good friend Enrique to officiate in May, so we decided to have a SUPER SECRET elopement on Valentines Day to (a) Get the jitters out, and (b) To have something else to celebrate on the ever-dreaded Valentines Day.

It was really hard to keep it a secret, though – downside. Also, it takes a lot more planning than I expected. It turned out that we weren’t able to get married at City Hall in either Richmond VA or Washington DC, so we drove an hour to Charlottesville where our friend Mo served witness. Watch this video before you decide to do it, there’s all kinds of info you should know in advance.

We thought it would be nice to have a private and intimate moment between the two of us, and we were right because the May wedding was crazy. I had a knot in the back of my neck that felt like a baseball and by the end of our reception, a migraine that could kill a rhinoceros-sized wombat.

I digress. We had a big unveiling planned during our reception that we somehow almost entirely forgot to even mention. Ah well. So here’s some photos of that day too… otherwise known as our *engagement* photos!

Flikr stream: City Hall


One Response to “City Hall on Valentines Day: WINNING.”

  1. Tess July 8, 2011 at 7:32 pm #

    I didn’t know you had a migraine – you hid it really well!
    P.S. I am all over this new blog.

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