Our Wedding: Blogged

8 Jul



My former (hitch)blog came to a silent end right before the wedding in May, so it seemed appropriate to start the new blog venture off with some photos from that lovely day, which were featured on, oh, ha, The Loveliest Day.

I’ll admit, seeing the photos now still evoke some stressful feelings for me (The settings weren’t done! I totally forgot to do all this stuff! I didn’t get to talk to everybody! Whatever!), but the photographer’s work is beautiful. I think in another month or two I’ll have a less critical eye of the wedding details and just be able to enjoy everything that the day was.

Getting married was pretty crazy but I’m glad that my biggest worry was the tablescapes as opposed to the whole marriage thing. I was totally not nervous about that aspect of the day, and you can feel free to admire the handsomeness of the groom and the bridal party and our good-looking parents and friends etc. They all cleaned up so well!

We were really happy with our wedding photographer, Bridget McEnaney, whose photojournalistic approach to wedding photography I actually ran across for the first time on the aforementioned Loveliest blog. So it was cool that they wanted to feature our “backyard indie wedding.” Also cool to be featured at all, since I didn’t even feature it myself on the old hitchblog. Ha.

Here’s the full feature of our wedding (with photos!) on The Loveliest Day: Backyard Indie Wedding


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