House, but not the doctor.

9 Jul

Charlie was out of town for a few days this week so I decided to push through the wall and get the rest of the house put together.

Because of the timeline of the past few months (wedding, immediately followed by honeymoon, immediately followed by pack-then-move, etc), I’d been feeling pretty MEH about making pretty much any decisions or putting together cohesive spaces.

There’s still a lot of honing work to be done, but this is what our house looks like for the time being, or, this is our house looking decent enough for starters. ha. It’s a lot more space than I’m used to working with but I’ve been feeling pretty cautious about filling it up unnecessarily or buying new pieces that I don’t *love*. But the bones are good and I’m looking forward to growing into the space!

Side note: For some reason this house has really awakened in me the desire to buy our own house… there’s a lot of little details here that I like (tons of storage space, sockets and faucets and nooks galore!) but it’s also missing any really personalized characteristics – it’s a little bit vanilla, and I tend more toward pistachio. ha. I like Personality! Wood Floors! Exposed Brick! Quirky! But all the places we’ve lived before that have had those things have also been Old! Decrepit! With Terrible Landlords! And Not A Good Garden Space! So a house with property near water to call our own… that’s what I’m thinking. I’ll post some ideas about what that looks like to me soon, but for now I present: Berea 2.0!

See more photos on our flikr stream…



One Response to “House, but not the doctor.”

  1. emilyjeane July 11, 2011 at 10:24 am #

    I do hereby request a DIY on your neato frame/jewelry display/storage thingie! I want to make one 🙂

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