Sunday Link Love

17 Jul

Although I’ve recently been combing flea markets and mini malls for cheap discarded interior design magazines, I know in my heart that everything I want to look at is easily accessible (and free!) on the internet. It’s just a matter of finding those blogs/links that I want to look at every day… I’m really into developing what I’ll call my whimsical-bohemian-vintage-nordic-southern style. Ha. With that in mind I have compiled a list of the links that feed my personal creativity-o-meter…

Why not start off with Tiny Ass Apartment, since I’ve been in a small-spaces frame of mind… This site has lots of nifty creative ideas for tiny spaces, which are totally underrepresented in American culture, I think, despite most lifestyles I personally think of as being cool happening in places like New York City – THE city of tiny apartments. Seems to be that the real perk of working with small spaces is that it’s got to be creatively stimulating/challenging, and instead of just buying more stuff to fill the space, I could justify buying the really nice stuff I actually want (ahem $149 desk chair – see last week’s link love blog).

Design Sponge is one of my go-to design blogs and it always has awesome design ideas, DIY projects, lots of nifty features and an appealing blog format. I aspire to be as tech savvy some day… I also aspire to actually get really into DIY projects (as opposed  to loving the IDEA of them rather than actual execution) and that leads me to my next link…

ETSY. I am posting the link to this here because I’ve met several people this week that had never heard of it before, and these were folks I kind of expected to be familiar with the whole Etsy awesomeness. For those who aren’t etsified yet, this site has handmade and vintage EVERYTHING. Even creepy stuff like this. [I love etsy so much that I think I’ll start doing etsy finds of the week on this here blog! Etsy rocks!]

I really can’t leave my girl Martha Stewart out of this. She taught me how to bake, how to make paper flowers, how to collect mass loads of milk glass… In short, she (and her staff) know everything about everything aesthetic. I want to work for her. *cue hypnotist* HIRE ME MARTHA. LET ME SOAK IN YOUR BRILLIANCE. HIRE ME MARTHA. I MAKE GREAT COFFEE…

Good Bones Great Pieces is a blog from a mother-daughter interior design team and they have 4 great eyeballs, apparently. I like seeing all their great auction/flea market finds and photos from their excursions. Also a very professional-looking blog, which I should aspire to.

Lastly, I just really dig Southern Living and Coastal Living magazines… Their websites have great photos and projects, and photo galleries galore.


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