New World Home

18 Jul

I really am spending a lot of time thinking about buying a house lately, and I’m beginning to identify what our perceived needs would be… So far I’ve come up with a short list, although some of the major components are still missing (like what state, where we’d work etc). But it’s a good starting point. I also googled “thinking about buying a home” for some ideas of what to think about. Zing.

After years of challenging rentals I would love to have new plumbing and electric, so building something sounds like the way to go. It’d be great to have a space that is extremely efficient in layout and design, with high ceilings and hardwood floors. Of course there should be lots of windows, the space should feel open and free, there should be tons of built-in storage and shelving, and it’d be great to be as energy-efficient and green as possible. I’d like two bathrooms, an open and efficient kitchen with counters or room for counters, and a fireplace. Last but certainly not least, the exterior should be appealing (I particularly like cottages) and of course grey. I like grey houses.

The house pictured above is a pre-fab modular home designed and built by New World Home, a producer of sustainable housing. It is also Country Living magazine’s 2010 House of the Year, built smack in the middle of New York City. It’s really cute, huh?! Right about the perfect size, the house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, recycled elm wood floors, and also please let’s not skip the veranda, a southern staple (which originated in the Caribbean I read somewhere the other day…).

Trying to discern an asking price for one of these, I scoured the New World home website. Tons of great info and floor plans (the house pictured is the Hudson model) but no prices. I started to sign up for information, however, and their questions about what the house budget is have a drop-down menu that starts at $300K (zoikes!). A wee bit pricey for us, methinks, but the idea is still intact.

I shall start playing the lotto immediately.


One Response to “New World Home”

  1. Tess July 18, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

    Since all future children of mine will be strapped securely in bicycle helmets during any and all tornado warnings, might I also suggest a basement or one of those little underground thingamabops? They cost about $1000, and you can usually work it into your building budget to make it cheaper. We now have that on our must-have house list.

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