Esther + Charlie = Married

19 Jul

                                            Wedding Photography by Bridget McEnaney Photography

Well, the day has come and our wedding photos have arrived! You can see them all on our photographers blog here. They look soooo goood!!!!!!! That willow tree is just the awesomest backdrop ever, no tweaking or further decorating required!!!

The lovely Bridget, a photojournalist by right and a fantastic wedding photographer really put together a beautiful collection of photos from our special day. I’ll tell you what I love most (besides the lighting and composition etc) is the honesty of the photos. They’re not all only of us looking our very pristine, but they definitely capture the feelings and happenings as they really were, and I love that. I love the colors, I love the faces, I love the moments of dorkiness… *mwah bellissimo*

I first saw our photographer’s work featured in this wedding on The Loveliest Day, a wedding blog that later featured our wedding, which was super awesome, by the way. Bridget totally worked out a budget with us that met our photography and financial needs, and she was extremely professional, sweet, and lovely. You can see more of her work on her blog, website, and Facebook page.

Thanks for being so awesome, Bridget.







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