Que pasa, *ombre*?

21 Jul

This is Alexa Chung, and I want her hair. (Also, her life, but we can get to that later.) I’ve been on a quest for ombre hair for about seven months now, but I played it safe before the wedding, and now I’m kind of in the habit of doing so because I’m also trying to grow it out. *groaning and moaning*

But you know what? Safe is not for me. Safe is boring. Safe ends up with a shaved head and a pierced nose in the end. I know this from experience. I started altering my hair color with ye olde Sun In when I was 11 or 12 years old. I’ve seen my natural hair color once since then because I grew out my shaved head in boot camp.

*Aside: Future female Marines: Hey girl. When you get your boot camp packing list and you see all these hair products, curling irons, bras, etc – don’t be crazy. It’s a ruse to (1) Give male Marines a reason to make fun of you for the rest of your military career, and (2) You will never see them. They will just lose them in the storage warehouse like they did my cd player and drivers license. Also, my only nice lipstick at the time was lost forever, inexplicably. 

Back to my natural shade – it’s a dark dishwater blonde shade I’m happy to leave beneath more exciting shades. Also, I feel more like a brunette than a blonde, which has gotten me to a lovely caramel place.

So I’m in the midst of lightening the old caramel colored locks, de-brassing them, slightly darkening them to ash blonde, and then painting on the darker roots. I started yesterday, and will hopefully finish today.

A note for anyone attempting extreme hair dyeing at home: If you have to do more than one extreme or two not-so-extreme hair processes, don’t do it all in one day or you’ll fry every hair on your head and it won’t ever look good. Ever. And if you’re bleaching…! Wait a few days before you put the next thing on there or it won’t really take because your hair is too dry…

No photos now (it’s brassy up in here!), but here’s the video instructional I’ll be following for my darker roots, once I get to a safe, non-brassy ends-stage.

Let the awesome begin!



2 Responses to “Que pasa, *ombre*?”

  1. emilyjeane July 21, 2011 at 10:50 am #

    Um, so this “ombre” craze is hereby allowing me to grow out my hair, sans new color, without having to say “my roots look sooo bad!” Maybe I did something good in a past life??

  2. Joyce July 24, 2011 at 9:27 am #

    I think I’ve got this hairstyle, only my part is neater. Esther, maybe you should go back to “dark dishwater” and build from there by adding streaks of caramel, red, blondish, etc. That’s probably what she’s done in the picture. You never need worry about roots growing out…. Just a thought. ~M

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