My work is interrupting my blog life, and other fascinating accounts.

5 Aug

Well, phooey. I have been busy every single day for the past two weeks and I’m starting to fall behind on everything. I mean, stuff is happening! For one, my little cards came in the mail today – aren’t they cute? I’m telling you, Vistaprint rocks. They sent me an email code for $50 worth of free stuff, so I spent $12 total on 2 mugs and a bunch of awesome-looking folding business cards {I love them!}. I’ve also been pinning like a crazy person on Pinterest and creating Facebook fanpages like Matt Damon Is Awesome as a response to all this Obama-hatin’ political yammering about god knows what all. Oh, and I’m re-attacking ombre YET AGAIN. Overall, people are having babies, friends are coming back to town and I’m working every day, so bear with my fickle blogspirit as I attempt to get back on track. My goal for the next couple of weeks is to to standardize things a little more (Linklove Sunday, DIY Monday etc) and to make sure I’m posting every day. Until next time…


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