Won’t you be my ombre.

8 Aug

Design Sponge seems to be hearing the ombre call as well with this bench from  Anthropologie {ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY EIGHT DOLLARS. *GULP.} inciting a mad desire to spray paint the hell outta something, quick! Why is The Ombre so alluring? It could be the degree of near-impossibility. {See hair} Or perhaps the feeling that you’re getting more than you paid for, a way of  having every shade instead of choosing…

This Maggie Austin cake is amazing. I doubt that mine would have turned out the same way. I have (since first seeing this cake) made a dyed-coconut cake with hydrangea blossom accents that looked pretty awesome, although there are no photos and apparently you should staunchly avoid eating hydrangea blossoms because they are allegedly poisonous whatever… but it really looked nice.

I almost put all my girls in this dress for the wedding, but thanks to Rock-N-Roll Bride (who ordered it and then blogged about the way it actually fit non stick-like humans) they ended up in “macaron colors” from JCrew instead and we all had ombre flowers.

Trader Joes, by the way, is possibly the best place to buy wedding flowers – a dozen roses for $4.99. God I miss that store.

Speaking of Rock-N-Roll Bride, probably they all just needed petticoats anyways… teehee.

Perhaps most importantly when evaluating the ombre craze: Martha digs it!

Maybe I’m going about this ombre thing all wrong… although I’m currently of the mind that a woman’s 30s are not the time to be sporting pink hair…

Although it’s important to note that I rocked some pink ends in early 2006, so I’d say I was a little ahead of the trend. ha.

Never mind my 30s, I hope to be like this delightfully quirky italian woman when I get old. Really. Of course she is a fabulous fashion writer. The more I think about it, the more sure I am that the ombre allure, if you will, is a combination of just being straight-up visually interesting, and getting a little biut of everything. I love each one of these colors on this dresser. I more love having EVERY one of them!In fact I love these colors so much I’ma need to WEAR THEM. ha. So what I learned today is that (1) I love ombre, (2) A little pop of each color goes a long way, and (3) I’ll be re-designing my color scheme/arrangement now. This bannister rocks, by the way. It’s from Martha Stewart.. MY GIRL!







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