Architecture | Beach Houses

9 Aug

I am obsessed with modular homes and beach houses right now… Something about well-utilized small space really appeals to me. Oh, and being near the water is also pretty appealing! The allure of the beach house is in its laid-back and relaxed feel, the whole “life’s a beach” thing taken as literally as possible. Getting up in the morning and having a cup of coffee  while watching the ocean would make just about any job that enables that kind of lifestyle tolerable. Unless, of course, that job involves actually LIVING on a sailing vessel atop the ocean. {Ahem Navy.} Some people like sailing cities, I prefer the land. Land with houses like these…

Seems like this house would have the perfect wall for this…I must have ze squeed poster!!! But I digress. This little beaut  has the cute cottage shingles, the porch with the swing, the pool in the back, and some great pattern/texture/color going on. I would, of course, fill it with sisal. For the cats, of course.  Maybe the best bet is to rent one out for a few weeks every summer. They’ve got places like this one in Brant Beach NJ that rents for a mere $3500 a week on HomeAway. Jokes aside ($3500 a week? Seriously?), there are actually a lot of great affordable rentals available and you can just scroll through the archives on this website to compose your dream vacation.  I really like all the wood shingles! They would be so awesome inside as well!  Look at this place. Seriously. I’ll be in back shingling my bathroom if you need me…  I know I said I like small spaces and all, but this house could change my mind, I think… What’s up, Outer Banks?!  I think I’d settle for waking up to this every day, though.  I feel relaxed already.


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