Weddings Wednesday | Mad Men

10 Aug

It’s no secret that I lovelovelove Mad Men, so today’s wedding inspiration is that trend-setting behemoth of an awesome television show.

Let’s start with the dress. This is the Beverlywood by Dolly Couture. It’s $595 and I love that it has so many little details – buttons and trim oh my – but somehow it’s still simple, classic, demure and just lovely.  For shoes I’d have to go with Seychelles, because I love them and they’re very vintage. I’d go with something fabulous and light-colored, like their ivory “I do” heels, which are $100 on ZapposI love a good birdcage veil, and the addition of the pillbox with the pop of pink is just a little but more fun than doing all-white, don’tcha think? (This bride actually wore all pink and I think she pulled off a really cute quirky look.)  I’m going to go ahead and give my Mad Men bride a pink peony bouquet, because I love peonies.  Maybe she needs some cute little gloves – lets go with pink on these.  Obviously, the groom should appear exactly like this: And the groomsmen could all wear different suits and glasses etc instead of being all matchy-matchy. Might be best to assign them each a design personality “Okay, you’re the geeky film department guy…” to help them understand the feel of their character. In fact, go ahead and just send them this link. I love the idea of putting the ladies all in different floral prints… I’m sure they’d all love to purchase one of these Prada ensembles for the occasion…ha.And fabulous big hair, of course! Here’s a tutorial from Rock-N-Roll Bride on how to create rockin’ beehives with the use of a loofah, some bobby pins, hairspray and a little back-brushing! You know what would make a great favor for this wedding? Just go ahead and get everyone one of these so they can figure out what to do with all the gin they suddenly find themselves drinking. Which reminds me that this wedding would be the perfect venue for the now-popular wedding event: Signature cocktailsI’d definitely go with a photo booth theme on this one – maybe set it up like an office, and put in a bunch of fun costumes and props… 
Entertainment Weekly did a fun spread…  For more ideas, go Mad Men Yourself already!


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