Personal Shopper | Photo Albums

13 Aug

My father has recently taken up the daunting task of converting a bajillion slides to digital copies and is thinking of ordering one print of everything. To help him display his hard work attractively, I’m committing this personal shopping venture to photo albums! This is a pretty basic/classic model: Bonded leather, includes pages for 120 photos, comes in a variety of colors. $34 at Gallery Leather. Another nice leather option that holds 300 4×6 photos in archival photo-safe pockets and comes in three colors for $26.14 on AmazonOn the less practical but charmingly primitive side of things, this handmade rustic bound leather album comes in two shades of good-looking, and stores 100 4×6 photos. The upside to the considerable added expense of using these is HOW GOOD my dad’s photos of wild Alaska would look in them!!! $36.95 each on Amazon. This Kolo Hudson cloth model comes in numerous classic modern colors (ahem grey and chartreuse) as well as leather, and the varying models hold 200-300 photographs. It has built-in pages instead of inserts, and I like the picture window in front! Prices range from $31.99 – $51.99 each.  If there are actually a bajillion photos, the budget might be a bit more restricted. These are fairly basic cloth picture-window archival and photo-safe albums. They come in 6 colors, hold 200 photos each, and cost $15.95 at Lumiere.

Anyone have ideas or links to share?


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