Architecture | Cottages

15 Aug

There’s not much to say besides I just love cute little cottages. I’ve been hankering to buy of late and I think I’d want something similar to one of these…  Katrina Cottage – From death springs life anew – indeed! So cute! I love the colors, the porch, the angles…  This is a green cottage pre-fab kit house! I really dig the trellis porch, the mixture of stone and siding, and window seats!  This one is referred to as a fairytale cottage… So whimsical – I love it!  This one’s a cute little suburbia model… There’s something great about being back in the woods (lots of windows, of course)… I can almost smell the fireplace and the apple cider in this photo!   This one is just the best. Grey, shingles, porch, beach, water, great colors… oh yeah. I’m relaxed already.  I think I might have to move to Maine. Not only do they have things like “lobster rolls,” but that state is like cottage-heaven, apparently. This place is a cute rental!  I love how quirky this one is…  Again with the soothing colors! How lovely…  There’s a lot of great angles and details going on here… sigh. I’m ready to have one now.


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