Obsessions | Jadeite

18 Aug

I’m back from vacation with a new obsession: Jadeite! Actually, I have a few new obsessions after this trip so stay tuned for a heavy obsessions period from here on… but we’ll deal with jadeite at the moment. Specifically jadeite milk glass. I anticipate owning a kitchen’s worth of this at some point, but all of the pieces I’ve seen recently have been crazy expensive! So I’m now on the lookout for affordable pieces… Here’s a taste… 10″ Jadeite cake stand $48  Mixing Bowl, $42  An awesome Martha Stewart Jadeite chandelier that can’t be found anywhere anymore, apparently, along with the rest of her jadeite line…but it’s beautiful…  Cute jadeite tumblers, two for $28  What a cute set! Pitcher is $32 and glasses are $12 each here These knobs are a mere $3.35 each! Vintage lamp, $100 Rolling pin, $39.99   A gorgeous 2-pc juicer…  These buttons would be cute on… well, pretty much anything.  I love this simple necklace, which is now of course sold, but this Etsy shop has some other cute jewelry!  Vintage milkshake blender, $250  And there are a bunch of great pieces for sale at Look in the Attic.


One Response to “Obsessions | Jadeite”

  1. emilyjeane August 18, 2011 at 9:05 am #

    I’ve been lusting after jadeite for a while now, but can’t find any on the cheap! These are all lovely!

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