Obsessions | Crazy, Stupid, Love.

21 Aug

We just got back from seeing Crazy, Stupid, Love. and I’m gonna blog about it because I really enjoyed the movie and thought it was a refreshing and delightful alternative to the sweet sorghum we currently know as RomCom.

Disclaimer 1: I like romantic comedies.

Disclaimer 2: I find Ryan Gosling to be somewhat attractive, in an uninterested and totally innocent way. (Ahem, hon.)

Disclaimer 3: I love Dirty Dancing.

Okay, so confessions slate wiped clean, I perceived this to be a movie about love. Brilliant, I know. But this film had relationships that felt real, and scenarios that were pretty plausible, and we left the “film experience” feeling really satisfied.

As RomComs are usually about women, let’s talk about them: Julianne Moore and Marisa Tomei always kind of outshine the competition, even the much younger ladies, but because their characters themselves are interesting-therefore-beautiful. Whatevs. They’re hotties. But interesting hotties. I wasn’t a huge fan of Emma Stone or Analeigh Tipton’s performances, but I’m trying to be kinder to young actresses because the industry expectations aren’t their fault. Of course, the two younger chicas were skinny as could be but still they were not the average princess beauties and the film didn’t hyper-sexualize them, which I appreciated, despite a sexy scene.

So I’m trying to say that I felt this film stood apart from the average RomCom because the women were real-ish, and there was no interest paid to the idea of women changing themselves for a man etc.

It helps that the guys in this were really excellent and Ryan Gosling clearly put a lot of work into his role. Again, ahem. Without objectifying him too much, however, I have to say that he has such intense charisma that he can get away with pretty much anything. His characters always have a kindness to them that I really find endearing. (If you haven’t seen Blue Valentine or Lars and the Real Girl yet you should queue those babies up asap.)

I recently had a discussion with a friend about Steve Carrell doing understated comedy v.s. Michael Scott and I have to say upon further consideration that I’m a fan. Everybody has their less-than-Oscar-winning moments, but I thoroughly enjoyed him in Little Miss Sunshine and Dan in Real Life, as well as this film.

One of my primary rating factors for a film is whether the audience can relate to and care about the characters. I’d say “excellent casting”  to the producers because everybody cares about Ryan Gosling, Steve Carrell, Julianne Moore and Marisa Tomei’s characters in everything.

The movie was well-scripted and acted, the soundtrack was perfect, and I loved the way it was shot. There were some fun surprises, Kevin Bacon put in an appearance, there was a hilarious Dirty Dancing reference (followed up by The Move! It was perfection!). I particularly enjoyed funny shopping moments that were made even sweeter to me as they echoed former spousal arguments about sizing and corduroy thickness… It was just an overall lovely film and balanced lighthearted with touching pretty effortlessly.

I call that a success and give it an A.





One Response to “Obsessions | Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

  1. Charlie August 22, 2011 at 8:38 am #

    “I find Ryan Gosling to be attractive in…an innocent way.” Innocent like a fox! Just look at his website!


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