Obsessions | Urban Outfitters’ Florals

21 Aug

I am really digging some of these awesome twee floral designs UO is featuring right now. It’s possible that my house will end up looking like a teacup if I start down this path… but a really cute one! A few of these items will definitely be making their way here in no time.
Like this shower curtain, for $39. Stripes AND floral! Augh!  This one’s pretty cute, too, also for $39. What a pretty duvet cover, for $89. The Doe a Deer bowl, isn’t that clever. $6. Hmm. Maybe this is a good way to get a house full of flowers… 3×5 floral rug, $34. In all honesty, I can’t imagine hanging this up anywhere but it’s definitely unexpected and cute. Can’t argue that. Fawn Tapestry, $49. UO is killing it with all these cute shower curtains! Falling Floral shower curtain, $39.  This butterfly poster would go really well with all the floral cuteness. $24. Mercy, that teacup-to-go is precious! Ha. $18. A pastoral floral quilt for $129.

Coo over these and more at Urban Outfitters online. I’m going to go see the world through cute-lens now.


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