Personal Shopper | Scarf This Down

26 Aug

It’s about to be Tis the Season for Scarves and I am ready! In preparation, I’m on the lookout for a fabalus fall scarf. Because fall is about accessorizing. Lurve at first sight. Woodblock Print Scarf, on sale for $99.95 at Anthropologie. I’m loving the Iznik Scarf colors that will go with browns, blacks, greys… whatever winter coat I end up in! On sale at Anthro for $29.95. 
 Ikat printed scarf from JCrew, $59.50.The Hunt & Gather from Madewell has cute little bears and foxes on it. $58. I like the colors/combo on this hand dyed silk scarf from Etsy, $25.Cool, Calm and Eclectic,” you say? Love the colors, and if you go to the link you can see the pattern better. $19.99 from Modcloth.

Floral Trimmed Scarf in seven different colors for $8.90 at Forever 21.
This one’s a pattern, and I love it! I wonder if I know anyone who could make me one… I’m digging this pattern as well, from Etsy of course.


One Response to “Personal Shopper | Scarf This Down”

  1. Hannah August 26, 2011 at 11:28 am #

    H&M always has an excellent selection of scarves as well. I have three big 4ftx4ft lightweight ones that I wear constantly.

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