Back From My MadHiatus

12 Sep

I’ve been gone for two weeks! Sorry to leave you all in the lurch like that, but there wasn’t enough time in the day to blog, campaign, and then go to work/eat/sleep… I can’t imagine what it takes to campaign for something actually big. Every time I try to imagine it the thought gets interrupted by a fuzzy screen shot and a sharp noise, followed by a blackout. So odd.

Although I can now say that I lost… I campaigned hard and made it into the Top 40. I made four youtube videos, dozens of captioned photos, and probably flooded the newsfeed of at least a few hundred people! A muted success indeed.

All-in-all, it’s definitely a bit of a bummer to JUST LOSE (especially when most of the people in the Top 20 made very little effort with their submissions), but what can you do. Life goes on and I’ll have a better idea of how to approach campaigning next year. Ha! So back to blogging and the rest of normal life now.

Viva la Design!



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