Book Review | Design*Sponge At Home

12 Sep

There may be no better way to kick-start my return to blogging by talking about what I received in the mail a few days ago… Grace Bonney’s Design*Sponge at Home, otherwise known as the design blogger bible, or a book about “how to be really awesome at design blogging.” I pre-ordered it months ago and have been really looking forward to seeing its matte coral visage!

Well, folks, it was totally worth the money and the wait. The forward by Jonathan Adler is sweet, Bonney’s intro is really inspirational (English and art studies at William and Mary wha?!), and the book’s design and page weight etc is just really premium stuff.

The first half of the book profiles fabulous spaces – sneak peeks at the beautiful lives of others. There are just the right amount of them – not too few and yet not so many as you must feel compelled to toss the book aside in disgust and outrage. Just the right amount, in fact, that it gets you all artistically invigorated and then segues perfectly into some really cool DIY projects. I’d tell you what they all are, but then I’d be telling you what you’re getting for Christmas, and that’d be no fun.

After the DIY projects is a nifty section on the basics of Do-It-Yourself: Supplies you should have, pictures of various necessary tools, and techniques like how to paint furniture or strip wood or metal, how to re-wire a lamp, making slipcovers… Oh man, it’s a wealth of practical knowledge. It’s like those pamphlet books they used to put out about the many uses of lemons and baking powder etc.The rest of the book deals with flower arrangements (brilliant, really) and then, possibly my favorite part of the book, other people’s DIY successes. This is leaving us on a really good note creatively because then we’re like “I always see this ugly chair at the mini mall and can’t decide if it could ever be cute… but now I have an idea of how to make it cute!”

Really, Brava, Madame Bonney. I totally dig your book.

Design*Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney.



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