Obsessions | Rustic Stump Furniture

15 Sep

I really like weathered, primitive furniture, and it seems like anything made out of a stump would really be a nice addition to the old decor. ha. Now I’m not really sure if there’s somewhere one could get ahold of a stump easily other than patrolling neighborhoods after a storm, so if anybody has any awesome ideas about that please weigh in! (I’m going to be terrible and not link all of these photos, so if you want to find them on the interwebs just google stump side table or stump stool or stump furniture…)         As with every design topic there are definitely ways to do this style very wrongly, but in order to avoid your space looking like a woodland creature’s home out of a Brian Jacques novel I think the keys to success are: Rustic-In-Moderation; Mixed Textures; Light and Clean Settings. If you have brown walls and brown furniture, well, I pity you, but also it’s going to contribute to a den-like feel. So does anybody know of a place that sources inexpensive beach logs?


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