Architecture | Renovated Barn Homes

17 Sep

Something about the changing seasons makes me want to frolic around a pumpkin farm and drink fresh-pressed cider. In lieu of a local cider-serving pumpkin farm, I offer this brief photo essay on renovated barn homes. And a hot cider recipe.

If they painted the inside of this e-converted barn white, it would be amazing. As it is, wood paneling and all, it’s still pretty impressive.

This old dairy barn wins pretty much hands-down on the dramatic presentation front, and has a really modern interior that I’m digging.

You can buy this rustic wonder-with-a-pool for a mere $1,995,000! They applied my barn interior decor rule as well: White goes with wood…

Give these people a 15th Century granite barn and they’ll give you a new family home with amazing wall-to-wall windows.

This converted horse barn has a rustic cottage charm inside that I find really appealing, and I love how the doors open up to the world so dramatically!

A renovated barn in the French countryside for rent? Yes please! For 500-850 British pounds per week it’s not the worst deal in the world, and it looks lovely.

I can’t find a photo of this renovation by Seattle firm Shed‘s exterior, but I’m loving the interior design of this one with the salvaged wood, great textures, and, of course, the white-with-wood rule.

Honestly, though? I think if I had a renovated barn, this is what I’d do with it (turn it into a restaurant/inn). “The Farmhouse Inn and Restaurant.” It’s in California wine country. They have stump stools and adhere to WWD (ahem white-with-wood). I love it.

I think these have given me enough to ponder on for now…  Now, about that cider


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