DIY Projects | Shipping Pallet Furniture

22 Sep

The light coming into my living room is perfect this morning, which has led me to looking at the room with new eyes and wondering how to change it up for the fall. You know what would really rock in here? A daybed. By day somewhere to read by the window, and by night additional Thursday night football seating. Brilliant.

Inspired by a Shelterness DIY project and some cool photos at Vectroave, I’m all over trying to find some shipping pallets. All you need to make furniture is a pallet (or two or three), and then you can decide whether to use casters (i.e. wheels), furniture risers, or whether to just set the pallets on the floor. Then you buy a futon mattress, an air mattress, large throw pillows or just put a stack on blankets down and viola! Cool-looking cheap furniture! With cubby holes and storage spots!       Talk about versatile. Holler at me if you have any leads on where to find some cheap pallets. I’ve already asked for a drill for my birthday…

Update: You can order pallets online at


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