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DIY | Ombre Dresser Project

15 Oct

Because it’s my birthday, I decided to actually execute a DIY project! What’s up! I’ve been obsessed with ombre since I started planning my wedding last year and saw this Maggie Austin cake… I eventually created a dyed-coconut and hydrangea version for a friend’s birthday and neglected to take a photo of it (it was lovely), but the ombre obsession remained.

I became obsessed with Alexa Chung’s ombre bob, and then every cool hipster indie type (ahem Sophia Coppola you sage filmmaker you) had one, and I tried to have one and kind of failed about seven times… So I let the dream go for a bit. And then I stumbled on these throw blankets last week from West Elm. (I’m buying the coral one, by the way.) So the ombre need was re-awakened, and I decided to get it together and actually do the project I’ve been contemplating since I bought this dresser at IKEA a year ago. I love the colors of the sea, so I bought an array of Benjamin Moore paint samples and tried out the effect on some blank canvases from Walmart.  Loving the colors and the ease of it (You can’t go wrong, really; whether you color block or ombre depends on the blending, but they both turn out nicely!), I went for it with my dresser.

Dresser before: Dresser 10 minutes later: I’m diggin’ it, man. I decided to leave the white in-between the drawers but blended the colors together a little more by painting a stripe of the preceding color on the next drawer, and then lightly puling the brush with the new color across the bottom of the stripe. Totally easy, and quite satisfying effect. If only I had wooden floors to paint as well…

So, join me! Ombre something and post a photo in the comments! And have a lovely day!