Design Sensibilities | Speaking of Trees…

22 Nov

I’m sure it’s bad form to start talking about Christmas trees before Thanksgiving has even come and gone… But I am determined to acquire one this week and I am torn, TORN I tell you!

Since I was ousted from the house many moons ago, I have never had a real Christmas tree. I have loved and cherished my respective 3-ft pink and white trees, but a little part of me has always regretted not having a big, smelly, pine-needle-shedding behemoth of a water-slurping Christmas tree.

The catch is that I’m not totally wild for the multi-colored arts-and-crafts style traditional trees. I mean, you really can’t mess up a Christmas tree but if I get a real one I want it to look like… well, like something I’d like. Personalized. By color and style, not just “this pasta ornament is personal to me.” I’m sure that if the hubs and I have children that kind of decor will eventually become my reality, but we’re not there yet so I don’t have to choose between love and design. ha.

So I need some inspiration to contemplate before we head out to Baldwin Farm and start sawing away with a pocket knife and a Ka-Bar. Real or fake…? Monochromatic or modern? Tree or artistic display? PINK or…? I can’t pick my wrapping paper until this whole matter is settled.


You know, as much as I love a good pink tree, and the little one with all the purple ornaments, and the branches wrapped in yarn… I’m thinking my favorite here is the big green tree with all the white ornaments… There’s something really clean and un-fussy about it that I like. But I’m not really an all-white kinda girl. Maybe mostly white with grey, lilac and chartreuse accents…? What do you think? I’ve got some new ideas brewing now…




One Response to “Design Sensibilities | Speaking of Trees…”

  1. emilyjeane November 22, 2011 at 10:37 am #

    I think you should do a “Scandinavian” feel one. You know, bark and natural (light-colored) stuff. I am also going to get a tree, but I tend to go for the more traditional look myself. Red and gold and antique ornaments.

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