Obsessions | Sailor Knots

30 Nov

I’ve been neck-deep in getting Christmas boxes in the mail for the past few days so forgive my absence. This month will be a little touch-and-go with all the traveling and projecting I’ve got going on but I imagine I’ll be pinning wildly all the way through the holidays!

If this particular obsession tells you anything, it is that I have been trying desperately to get my Christmas shopping done! Ha! My current method is to troll the Etsy Treasury until I see an item I like and then search the site for similar items. In this case, I found a necklace I liked and then went from there… Sailor’s Knot Necklace, $15 in a ton of colors… but ships from Turkey. *Sighs.* Nautical Doorstop/Bookend, $18.  Red Nautical Mitts, $25. Cute Little Ring, $16. Knotty Headband, $20. This, my friends, is a Knot T. Wocka Wocka. $36. Knotical Belt, $60.

Happy Holiday shopping/crafting/abstaining everyone! Now come over here and tell me if you’ve been Knotty or Nice this year… 😉


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