New Year | New Projects

3 Jan

I’m unwillingly dragging myself into the New Year (still working on completing those resolutions) starting today. Because doing that on the 1st of January is just so passe. Ha. Or because I’m just now getting my first “day off” since the holiday break began, i.e. a day at home alone.

And boy did I need this time to myself because Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar: An 8 Week Program starts today. I’ve been working my way through Sugar Busters! for the past month, but it is really badly written and I hate the way they have to mention Sugar Busters! (Title! Italics! Exclamation Point!) every paragraph… But there’s some recipes and  some helpful information about how your body metabolizes nutrients and the way insulin works etc that makes it worth drudging through as slowly as possible reading.

But if you’re too busy with life and stuff to bother with it, I highly recommend reading Sarah’s ebook or just read my summary of Sugar Busters!…

-Sugar is like fat, only worse, because *it can’t even be used by your body helpfully to metabolize nutrients the way fat can. (*Amounts in excess of a few teaspoons a day.) We’ve all heard of good fats, but who’s heard of good sugars?

-The average American eats like a bajillion times more sugar than our bodies can possibly insulin-sweep into energy or belly fat, which means that we’re going to be obese and illness-prone the longer we continue eating so much sugar and processed food.

-Lastly, there is a great deal of sugar hidden in almost everything we eat, especially processed foods, but also including fruit and even some veggies. Quitting the obvious things like soda and chocolate isn’t enough to detox, especially if you replace them with seemingly healthier low-fat options that actually have more added sugar to replace the flavor of fat… and the cycle continues. 

So yeah, the kitchen is being exorcized this morning. I’ll be keeping folks up to speed on this endeavor, but I anticipate that I will get grumpier before I get off sugar entirely. I’m shooting to get all the way through the No Sugar-Sugar Can’t Get Me Down-I Hate Sugar-Sugar Is Tasty Sometimes stages and then return to some fruit and some chocolate etc. We’ll see.

Beyond that, once I get my resolutions in order I will get them up, and I’ll also be re-organizing my blogging patterns and bringing in some new subject areas in addition to interior design and DIY projects.

So there’s a lot a-brewin’, I’m just easing into the New Year. Now what do I do with my tree…?


2 Responses to “New Year | New Projects”

  1. Jenna January 4, 2012 at 11:32 am #

    If you have no plans for your tree and really just want to get it out of your house and life, assuming it was a cut down live tree from Baldwin Farms, you could always leave it in our yard. We didn’t get one this year (crazy 1 year old who loves to throw things and a too-small living room), but we usually let ours sit all winter and spring and in the summer have a bonfire near or on the solstice, which we’d love if you guys felt like attending to see your tree explode into flame. Christmas trees go up marvelously and elicit lots of oohs and aaahs from any and all who are present. Last year we had ours and a few others from friends who were getting rid of their trees, and it was fun for all who were present (especially the kiddo’s).

    • design sensibility January 4, 2012 at 12:56 pm #

      Let me figure out how to get it over there and it’s yours! 🙂 I’d be happy to contribute to the solstice bonfire!

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