DIY | Cute Pushpins

5 Jan

If we’re gonna have giant inspiration boards, we’re gonna cute some cute pushpins. Hey – it’s the little things…! Let’s just start off with these Design*Sponge DIY Twig Pushpins. I love them so much! If you’ve got a bunch of cute nail polish colors you can follow this easy DIY for nail polish push pins. (Let me say that I use nail polish to mark everything from keys to bartending tools to whatever I have that needs to be marked, so I like this one…) I know I’m always seeing cute buttons and baubles and wondering what I could do with them… Here’s a great (and easy!) DIY Button Pin project – all you need are buttons and a glue gun! If you find an old keyboard somewhere, this easy project would make for cute pinning. This fabric-covered pushpin DIY is a slightly more involved process, but hey, I believe in you! And as usual, Martha’s gonna out-effort us all with a very cute Bottle-Cap Magnets and Thumbtacks DIY projectBut I was thinking “You know what would be cute…? Acorns.” So I googled acorn thumbtacks, and I was right! They are cute!

So, arm yourself with a glue gun ($2 at Michaels), glue, tacks, and various cute things and get to work already! PIN, my little crafter, PIN!


One Response to “DIY | Cute Pushpins”

  1. emilyjeane January 5, 2012 at 9:40 am #

    Me likey! You should definately show us your board/wall/whatever as you get it up and running. I’d be interested in seeing it in stages 🙂

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