Style | Bangs Bangs Bangs

16 Jan

Oh yes, this is going to be about what you think it’s about. I chopped my hair today!!!

Let me explain, I have been growing it out for about a year now, minus a trim or two. I’ve also been growing out my bangs for a few months, which is just murder. And lastly, I’ve been working on ombre-ing my hair again, god help me. I went in to the Ulta salon the other day to get a wee tiny trim and the haircut I emerged with, while not a lot shorter, just looked horrible and raggedy and plain-jane bob. In a bad way.

So today I’m like, can’t stand it another second. Not one. I still want to grow it out but I can’t bear the atrocity of it in its present state. I decided the only way to fix the even more mushroomed effect was to go for a DIY razory “I cut it myself” shaggy bob look. ha. Here’s a few photo inspirations: 
And here’s what I’ve ended up with: I look kind of crazy but I had to use the darn flash. I love the girl’s hair in the second photos so if I need to go shorter in a month (if I fry my ends) I’m totally going for that look. I also love the super crazy baby bang in the third shot… How can I work that one in…?

I feel better now, let’s just hope the husband doesn’t freak out when he gets home…

One Response to “Style | Bangs Bangs Bangs”

  1. emilyjeane January 17, 2012 at 10:23 am #

    I think you should totally go for that shorter, shaggy look! I love it!

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