Being Creative | Chore Board

23 Jan

There are few things less enticing to me than the thought of making a chore board, but with the new year comes new resolutions to do better, and step one on that path is keeping up with all the space we live in right now, which is a bit of a challenge.

We used to have a little competition going through a geeky-but-fun point logging website called Chore Wars, but I found that I need a little more incentive other than just “winning.” Wow. I “won” by doing the most chores. WAIT A MINUTE… Sounds a bit like the old babysitter trick of playing the quiet game to me.

So we needed a re-vamp. The criteria for the new system were that it be cute, easily visible/tangible (so as  to be a constant reminder), and that the “winner” actually win something every month. Because weekly is too much and if more than a month goes by without reward I’m personally not hanging on any longer.

Here’s what I came up with: I used paint chips and a cheap frame with a poster’s cardboard backing to make a bulletin board (they were materials I had on-hand) and then divided the main chores between myself and the husband based on which tasks each of us were more likely to do. Color-coordinated, of course.

My row are the corals and his are the greys, and the row of whites tell us how often each task should ideally/minimally be performed. Each task has an assigned number of points, and doing the tasks more often will generate more points. The green cards on the wall next to the board is where we will log the points and each write our ideal “prize” for the month – whoever wins gets what they asked for.

(For instance, if I win this month I want to go to the aquarium and out to dinner at Tom and Chee afterwards. And maybe to Ikea and Trader Joes while we’re up there!)

I’m going to revise that bottom row to be non-specific about what days we need to do things but otherwise I think I’m happy with the system and eager to see if it works out!

Any ideas for how to improve the system? How do you handle chore assignments at your house (unless you live alone, in which case I’ll assume your pet gets points for using the bathroom outside…)?


2 Responses to “Being Creative | Chore Board”

  1. tardparty January 23, 2012 at 11:38 am #

    I LOVE that you’re orange… 🙂

    And as for how we manage chores? The house pretty much falls into mayhem until the day before someone’s coming over; then it’s a blur of cleaning supply-laden mocha and alabaster Tasmanian devils. We’ll never grow up.

    • Alison January 23, 2012 at 12:12 pm #

      I ❤ you.

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