Places and Spaces | Tackling Black

25 Jan

This may surprise you, but I’m very particular about color. While I love the dramatic and organizational impact black can have in a room, especially with framed photos/prints, I am rarely if ever really attracted to rooms with a lot of black. They usually look garish and jarring to me, especially in the following (and most common!) combinations: Hot pink and black, zebra print in pretty much any form, and damask designs.

Here’s the classiest example I could find of the combo I’m talking about, which, in my humble opinion, still looks like someone having a mid-life crisis albeit a somewhat restrained one…

In fact, this is about as much zebra as I can stand in one room: So my challenge was to find soft interiors that utilize black in a non-garish way without looking too cold, masculine, or modern. As it turns out, it can be done… All these stripes could be overwhelming but the antique paintings, photos and furniture really pull it back from the brink and warm the room up a little…The lace is really feminine without being expected or overly frilly…I would pretty much murder for this couch, and I like the way that black is used as a pop of drama in the room as opposed to an assault.You pretty much need a black couch with this girly wallpaper! It totally works.Now this room looks very French and restrained-but-feminine to me. The black and white balance each other without competing.A black accent wall goes a long way and doesn’t weigh the space down. I also like the faded black furniture… It’s black but not harsh…This is how to work in animal print without looking like a teenage drama queen. The french blue color is amazing here.I would pretty much make out with this espresso machine any time. Wow. This space is really classy and clean looking – the ideal coffee spot, totally calm and restful.Since they used these bold stripes the natural accents really tone down the drama. A super girly space with a tech of black. I love the wallpaper collage, what a great idea… This I love. Clean lines and restrained color, but still playful and warm.

So, which side of the argument are you on? Are you into bold dramatic POW! or the occasional hint of assertion…?

One Response to “Places and Spaces | Tackling Black”

  1. emilyjeane January 25, 2012 at 9:10 am #

    Oh I LIKE these! I like the touches of black to liven things up a bit. These are great examples!

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