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31 Jan

In this week’s Beautify, I am about to impart to you the secret knowledge of the happy product junkie: Birchbox.

Birchbox is TOP SECRET elite beauty club  a service that delivers personalized deluxe samples to your welcoming mailbox every month for $10. And it is amazing. These two ladies, Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp, met at Harvard Business School. If you haven’t stopped reading, I personally think it’s awesome that Harvard Business School graduates were talking about makeup. Anyways, they wanted to find a way to “cut through the clutter of the beauty world to find products that really work for them.” (Read About here.) They designed this perfect little brown cardboard box that fits perfectly into a standard-size mailbox, and whose contents are neatly and sweetly wrapped in hot pink tissue paper and tied with black ribbon… In short, you get to open a very cute present to yourself every month. Staying within the coloring lines of presents, you don’t actually know what’s coming in your box… which I both hate and love, but mostly love. I hate this because I usually really like 1-2 of the products and am a little “meh” about the others. But, really, it’s fun to be surprised and for $10 it’s nice to try some luxe samples that maybe I wouldn’t have tried of my own choosing. So the mystery component wins. When you subscribe to Birchbox, you fill out a beauty profile (that you can go back and change) listing your skin type, types of products you’re most into etc. And they compute that into the box they send you every month, which comes with a description card of each of the 4-5 samples in your little box.

Some examples of what I’ve received in my boxes thus far… Stila Smudgestick Eyeliner, Clark’s Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream, Befine Lip Serum, Borghese Active Mud, Archipelago Pomegranate Soap… I’m linking these so you can see that a full-sized product is pretty pricey in most cases, so “trying” these products would be incredibly expensive in a Birchbox-free world. And since I’ve only been “really liking” 20-40% of the products I’ve tried, that means I would discard 60-80% of the full-size products I’d buy in that hypothetical Birchbox-free world. WHEW, I am saving so much money!!! 🙂 

So, in summary, for a measly $10 a month or $110 a year (you get a month for free if you pay upfront), you can test 4-5 luxe products you could never afford to “try out” unless your Auntie Mavis had lived an extremely exciting 103 years and was therefore able to leave you a dowery, which you were then able to recover after marrying a 90 year-old bachelor who expired immediately after the ceremony, leaving your inherited sexist funds and self-respect intact. What are the odds, eh?

Some odds-n-ends comments now… They also have limited edition boxes, which go for about $50 and whose themes have included “Bride Box” and “Gorgeous On the Go.” These fancy boxes usually have items like foldable flats and a makeup bag, etc. Another awesome feature: I received an email recently saying one of their suppliers thought I would enjoy their products, so they were sending me an additional selection of samples from that one company. Now THAT’s how get me to stay forever!!!

So, if you want to join the ranks of the product-happy, go hereUnfortunately, it appears that there’s currently a wait-list because they are so awesome. But you should sign up for it!!! 

Overall Rating: 9.5 out of 10. I’m docking them half a point for not giving members the option of choosing or getting a mystery box. In a perfect world, some months I could decide I want to try only new night creams (maybe even getting two boxes a month, GASP!), while at other times I could look forward to the mystery of it all. Ha.


2 Responses to “Beautify | Birchbox”

  1. Alison January 31, 2012 at 10:33 am #

    I love Birchbox. On occasion I buy the full-size version (I’m looking at you, Smashbox Primer), but mostly I’m content to try all those things I WOULD NEVER BUY FOR MYSELF.

    A month or so ago, I signed up for the MyGlam bag, which is the same principle as Birchbox. I was a little disappointed in what I got (I don’t need a full-size tube of Freeeman’s cucumber mask. See: Rite-Aid), so I will probably cancel that if next month’s bag is also disappointing.

    • design sensibility January 31, 2012 at 10:37 am #

      I feel ya girl — It’s the best subscription I’ve ever had, excluding only Domino magazine. 🙂

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