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The Key Piece | White Blazer

1 Feb

Not to sound too excited or anything, but the hubs and I are going on a date in a couple of weeks (these days, “date” translates to dressing up a bit, staying in hotel, going out at night etc…) and I am really excited! I’ve been thinking about what to wear for a few days and I’ve narrowed it down to the key piece: A white blazer. Now to decide on the rest of the outfit… Hipster Cute: I like pretty much everything about this combo… The neutral platforms are nice, black skinny jeans are pretty much universally flattering, the pale pink top goes nicely with the bright red lip, and some serious neck decoration really girlifies this ensemble without being too prissy.Rock N Roll: This version with the all-black, the rolled skinny jeans, the pointy heel, no makeup and minimal accessories is a little tougher but just as cute. I kinda wish she had a red lip though. Vintage/Hipster Rock N Roll: The dark blue jean soften this outfit up, along with the faded Journey tee… In fact, everything’s a little softer, with her nail polish showing and makeup and hair did. I like it, it’s a little boho.Vintage Chic: Another softer look, this one is less big city than the others. She’s not coiffed or wearing designer pieces, and I like the addition of color in her shoes and purse. A little more whimsical and laid-back looking but still cute and dressed up. Dressy Minimalism: I’m just not a dress-wearing kinda girl. I own several of them but I’d rather rock skinny jeans with a heel any day. That said, I like the minimalist clean look she’s got going on here. The boots and jersey material of the dress casualize the outfit a little (that’s a word now), and I like the thick black tights. She looks like she needs something to be warm. A little lace detail in lieu of jewelry is a nice touch… Girly Girl: We can always count on Sarah Jessica to keep it cute. She’s girlied-out here with the heels and the legs and the pale pink and the flowing hair… I think she looks great but I think it’s too girly for me. Also, I do not wear 4 inch heels. Ever. California Rocker Girl: Thigh-high platform boots, all-black, long tousled hair… I think she looks really put-together and girly-but-not-too-girly. That said, I don’t own any thigh-high boots or live baby accessories. Fun and Free: We’re back to pants here for this last look, but they are neon pink and therefore girlier than any of those dresses. I also like the fun shoes with the color-blocking pink, orange and black straps. A nice clean look and definitely more attention getting than the others. I’m kinda diggin’ those pink skinny jeans…

Which one of these outfits do you like best? What would you wear your white blazer with?