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Obsession | Macarons

6 Feb

I had to write about macarons this week because I have been dreaming of them non-stop, day and night. The colors! The texture! The airiness! The crunchy-chewy component! Augh!  Laduree is the famous and incredibly chic Parisian patisserie that I am going to be visiting in Paris and NYC this year. Between the packaging and the deliciousness… I almost can’t bear it. And now, with no further ado, here are some amazing macarons. Is your mouth watering as badly as mine is right now…???


I Quit Sugar | Week 6

6 Feb

” This is not a mean diet. It’s an experiment.”

-Sarah Wilson, I Quit Sugar

The six week mark means only two weeks left to go and I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. This week’s directive is to “play with some sweetness,” meaning that we can allow some treats so that we don’t feel like we’re depriving ourselves. The real test here is whether we, the people not eating sugar, can add it in moderation or whether it’s all or nothing.

I’m a little scared to try. I’ve been dreaming of macarons (my monday obsession) for weeks now, and I’ve “cheated” by having a diet drink and not watching the “incidentals” as much as I should (still using tomato sauce, although low sugar tomato sauce…). I’ve also been drinking 2% milk and eating bread.

On the flip side I have successfully eliminated all sugary drinks, chocolate, fruit, sauces, most processed foods, and sweets, along with reading labels like a maniac and avoiding incidental sugars whenever I can.

Now that I’ve reached sugar-free capability I need to really decide what I want out of this and where I want to go long term as far as health and diet.

So far I know that I’ll go back to sugar but I feel like I want to be more aware of what I’m putting in my body from here on. Limiting sauces, sugary drinks, processed foods, and high-fructose fruit/juice would be both sustainable and pretty easy at this point.

Also, no more soda. Period. It’s just unholy bad for you.

I’ll write comprehensively upon completion of the program including pros and cons and overall impressions, but I’m feeling good about making it this far. It’s been a challenge…

So on to conquering Week 6… I think I’ll get some low-fructose fruit, maybe starting with some of the lowest fructose/sucrose combined fruits like strawberries and grapefruit. Maybe some blueberries. And a piece of dark chocolate at some point because I deserve it!