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I Quit Sugar | Week 7

13 Feb

“Recovering From Lapses.”

This week focus is recovering from last week’s challenge to let a little sugar back in my life… The crazy thing is, I was totally restrained! I had a salad with bleu cheese and a few slices of green apple. I had a beer at a German restaurant. And I had a packet of Sugar in the Raw in a latte. That’s it!

My massive cravings have subsided after last week’s brightly-colored dreams (I’ll allow a permanent macaron weakness because they’re so hard to get very often), and my cravings can be satisfied by significantly less now. A single packet of Sugar in the Raw makes my coffee taste sweet??? That’s exciting.

So I’m thinking this thing is working. There’s been some mental turmoil over denying myself, but overall my moods have balanced out,  and most importantly I haven’t gone into a shaky, angry, hypoglycemic rage for weeks and weeks…Less headaches + less anxiety = happy Esther.

As far as weight loss, I’ve lost about 10 pounds total but fluctuate about 2 or 3 depending on the day. Considering I haven’t been working out or doing anything differently, other than not consuming buckets of sugary beverages… not too shabby! And I feel good!

Overall it’s become clear to me that I was addicted to sugar and I don’t want to be addicted anymore. I am really looking forward to the 8 weeks being up so that I can eat a whole piece of fruit or chocolate if I want to/without feeling bad, but my perception of food has permanently changed.

From here on I will pay attention to what I’m eating, buying the tomato sauce with less sugar, drinking lattes with one packet of natural sweetener, eating savory breakfast items instead of cereal… Etc.

So I’ll follow David Gillespie‘s rule that party food is for parties, and Sarah Wilson‘s rule to be kind and gentle with myself. It’s almost impossible to avoid sugar entirely, but it’s too easy for me to change a few bad habits to not do it.

I’m feeling good about this.