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Places and Spaces | White Rooms

16 Feb

I’ve never really though of myself as a white person someone who wants to live in a white space, but I’ve noticed that I am particularly drawn to them and I’m starting to think that I may have been getting it wrong this whole time.

White is the perfect backdrop for color: If you use bright colors as accents, you can change the whole scene and tone by just swapping out a few smaller pieces as opposed to changing everything. This particularly appeals to me, because, as you know, I get obsessed with things in waves. Right now it’s coral, but next week/month/year it could be fifties green, neon pink, lavender… All of which would go really nicely with white!

Now that I’ve blown my own mind by kind of deciding what to do in our next home (thinking ahead here), here’s some beautiful, warm, soothing and inviting white spaces to feast your eyes upon… I love how you can go cool or warm, mod or vintage, pristine or shabby chic… And how a little bit of color really stands out against a white background. Love it…