Saturday Etsy Fun

6 Oct

I’ve been trying to actually get my Halloween costume, oh, at least a week prior to Halloween this year so when Etsy‘s Halloween costume link popped up on Facebook today, I got all up on that site looking for ideas. They came up with some cute suggestions, and then I got totally distracted by a burning desire to be Amelie-as-Zorro, because that movie is awesome and I always want to be Amelie like pretty much permanently…

Ahem. Speaking of distraction.

The hat and sword and everything would be too much for my work environment, I’m afraid. 

Usually I get really into face painting and almost always end up with some sort of gothic, witchy/zomby-y/ghastly makeup, but I have to also wear the costume to work and last year’s beekeeper’s hood was an encumbrance to say the least behind the bar. I don’t have a photo of that, but I did awesome Day of the Dead makeup for the trick-or-treaters (one of whom I asked if her costume was that of a teen mom… disaster…) that I am totally reprising for this year’s trick or treaters… 

So I’ve decided to go with a cool mask this year for work Halloween… And a wig, of course, because it’s Halloween and wigs are awesome. It will probably look exactly like the wig above, except maybe hot pink this time… ha. I did some trolling on The Etsy and here’s my Top 3: All three are by Tom Banwell Designs.

So, yeah, masks! Here’s my whole Etsy Treasury List, but The Husband didn’t want to be a fox with me so these awesome weird leather cutout masks are calling my name.

One Response to “Saturday Etsy Fun”

  1. emilyjeane October 6, 2012 at 3:03 pm #

    Check out Target too.. they have some kind of neat masks this year.

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