2013 and all its Resolutions.

7 Jan

Well, weeks and weeks ago I said I wanted to start the blog back up after a few months of hiatus for school… and then it turned out that I wasn’t ready/was too tired and creatively spent/didn’t have anything to say. Ha. 

But like most people, I made some resolutions last week and getting the blog back up and running was one of them. I don’t know how often I’ll post, or if I’ll talk about the same things as before, but let’s just see how it goes!

To start back, some resolutions…

1). I decided…To Blog Some More.

2). I would like… To Move More Towards A Plant-Based Diet (I’ll do a whole separate post on Forks Over Knives, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and Vegucated at a later date…)

3). It’d Be Nice… To Do Some Spinning and Kickboxing for funsies.

4). And I Really Want… To Travel, Adventure, Live Life To The Fullest, and Be A Little Crazy Sometimes… 

So, in the spirit of craziness, I bought some Vegan yogurt called Amande today, and here’s my first Vegan attempt and review… Image

Um, it was actually pretty good! As you can see, I bought the coconut kind and it’s vegan, soy free, gluten free, and fruit juice sweetened cultured almond milk. It’s got lots of crunchy little chunks of coconut in it that I enjoyed, and while it has kind of an almost overly sweet start to it (15 grams of sugar, yikes!) I would totally eat this in lieu of ice cream or with some oatmeal etc. Maybe frozen would be really good…? 

So I’ve got to say, experiment #1 was a success! More vegan products and recipes to come, as well as cute interiors, clothes, makeup and hair phases, and so on! Happy New Year and thanks for sticking with me! 


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