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A Plant-O-Riffic Plan

10 Jan

I mentioned the other day that I’d watched Vegucated, a film full of information ¬†about American food processing standards (which are gross) and it also touched on the industry’s total disregard for the well-being of the animals during their sad little lives. I understand why we eat meat although there are non-animal proteins and fats we can consume; often it comes down to the fact that bacon is just plain delicious.

What I cannot get on board with are the miserable lives these animals have, regardless of whether they’re being raised for eating, for their milk, or for their eggs. I mean, SUPER UNNECESSARILY MISERABLE. Free range chickens and antibiotic-free cows are being treated perhaps LESS BAD than the others, but there’s just no reason to treat any animal like a non-living entity.

I don’t want to get too into it (I recommend watching the movie on Netflix instant view if you’re interested in the topic), and I’m not trying to control everyone else’s diet or moral compass… But for now, C and I are gonna try to take a hiatus from meat, eggs, and dairy for the majority of our meals.

Armed with some vegan product recommendations from a few good friends (see my on-going Pinterest board if you’re interested), I whipped up my first vegan meal last night. I think the term “vegan” has a negative stigma to it, though, so let’s say that I just made “my first delicious plant-o-riffic meal.” ha.

Gotta work on my nighttime stovetop photos, but I made lentils and rice with a squeeze of lemon, and stuffed portobello mushrooms.


Vegan Products Used:

Trader Joe’s Steamed Lentils: Designed for easy microwave or stovetop preparation, these were totally easy and quite tasty, already slightly seasoned and ready in like 3 minutes. I’ll probably go back and buy these in bulk.

Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds: Looks, smells, and tastes like mozzarella – I was shocked! Between saving on fat and calories plus the added bonus of being vegan, I think I’ll keep buying this product on the reg.

Uncle Ben’s Instant Brown Rice: I don’t know if the instant rice is less nutritious but I’m a busy gal with a busy schedule so I’ll keep buying it.

(Plus kale, garlic, lemon, balsamic vinegar, sea salt and hot pepper flakes.)

So vegan  plant-based, dairy-free meal #1 turned out to be totally tasty and just as quick and easy and fulfilling as my other favorite standby; steak frites. Go team.