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The Gloden Golbes

14 Jan

I’ve decided to award my own version of the Golden Globes because, as usual, despite the winners being totally okay I felt like some really truly excellent work was steamrolled and ignored… Drumroll please!tt2125435

A gorgeous, lyrical film, Beasts of the Southern Wild was as dramatic as any historical French musical, as brave as Zero Dark Thirty, as poetically filmed as Life of Pi, as quirky as Moonrise Kingdom… you get the idea. I’m giving it best MOVIE of the year.

tumblr_me2um26Pbj1r23h6do1_1280Oh yeah, and while we’re at it, this child (Quvenzhane Wallis) out-acted pretty much everyone nominated this year. And if we’re going to even give Lincoln another over-rated second of discussion, let’s talk about David Strathairn out-acting Daniel Day-Lewis up and down that stage-lit movie set. (The makeup was fantastic, though…! Ahem to my awesome friend Shelley…!) 😉

628x471And as far as a television drama… You know a show’s really got to be something special when you can get a bunch of crime serial/sitcom/reality tv watching Americans to sit down and rabidly devour an English period drama like Downton Abby. Just sayin’. I totally like Homeland but lawd I was going for Downton…!DowntonAbbeyI don’t even want to talk about Walking Dead not even making considerations… and Mad Men…?! What the heck happened there…?! Gar.