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Obsessions | Faux Taxidermy

6 Oct


I Heart Etsy | Ephemera and More

17 Aug

This Etsy shop makes some really great art prints on dictionary pages (sqeeds and octopees!) and they’re reasonably priced as well as awesome looking! Most of the prints range from $7-10 and she also sells some other cute random vintage stuff… A few of my favorites from Ephemera and More        Ephemera and More

DIY | Clothes hangers make great art frames

7 Aug

From The Style Files.

Easy DIY-day Friday, courtesy of Sweet Paul

5 Aug

If you haven’t noticed this yet, I love a good low-maintenance DIY project. No sewing, no drilling, no measuring, no decoupage. That’s for the other kind of DIY-er, the kind that write manuals and organize their toolboxes every other Thursday. I like DIY for the full-time other-stuff-to-do-er, so Sweet paul is my new favorite blogger right now because of projects like this fun silhouette artwork project and this awesome wool pom wreath, which is brilliantly constructed in my favorite range of colors – GREYS. I made grey yarn poms for my Christmas packages and tree last year and they were super easy and super cute. In short, I’m BOUT IT!