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Interiors | Freshen Up Your Space

12 Jan

This time of year there’s one thing constantly on my mind: CHANGE. Without the Christmas tree taking up the entire living room I’m suddenly irritated with the layout, my bedroom needs a feng shui alteration, the guest room has turned into holiday storage… You get the idea. Think of it as pre-spring fever.

If you’ve got the sickness as well, here’s a few ideas and links to help you tweak your space (physical and mental) a little without painting an entire wall navy blue chalkboard or just flat out moving. Ha.

Use this Color Palette Generator found via Creature Comforts to dissect your favorite photos for color inspiration (before you slap that navy paint down). I read somewhere that people like to surround themselves with colors they like to wear (i.e. look good in), so ponder on that as well – maybe your space doesn’t feel right because orange isn’t your color! And yes, I wear a lot of grey. Scour Shelterness for cool DIY projects you can use to revamp the things you already have, like vintage teacups, random garage sale finds, cool new ways to display your jewelry and more. I like this site a lot because they do a lot of IKEA revamps… Feverishly turn the pages of these fabulous online design magazines for ideas and inspiration. They left out one of my favorites, though: AnthologyGet a Pinterest account and start pinning!!! Everything that makes you happy – colors, themes, rooms, recipes… It’s a great way to get your thoughts organized and you can just follow other people’s links down the rabbit hole until you feel sufficiently inspired. And when you’re done with all that looking at awesome scenery and cabinetry you don’t have and have little hope of getting any time soon, re-arrange your living room furniture and settle in for a winter marathon! You can spend the next few winter months vacationing in the islands, caught up in the advertising world of the 1950s and 1960s; traversing the fantastical land of Coeur de Coeur, being a bit ahemaheamahem at the manor, exercising some gorgeously flagrant vocabulary out West, traveling with the freakshow in the dustbowl, laughing at Tine Fey’s hilarious oddity, learning about the streets of Baltimore, or rumbling in the Bronx (okay, Jersey), all from the comfort of your own home. And some of that is even on Netflix instant view.

Obsessions | Faux Taxidermy

6 Oct


Obsessions | Rustic Stump Furniture

15 Sep

I really like weathered, primitive furniture, and it seems like anything made out of a stump would really be a nice addition to the old decor. ha. Now I’m not really sure if there’s somewhere one could get ahold of a stump easily other than patrolling neighborhoods after a storm, so if anybody has any awesome ideas about that please weigh in! (I’m going to be terrible and not link all of these photos, so if you want to find them on the interwebs just google stump side table or stump stool or stump furniture…)         As with every design topic there are definitely ways to do this style very wrongly, but in order to avoid your space looking like a woodland creature’s home out of a Brian Jacques novel I think the keys to success are: Rustic-In-Moderation; Mixed Textures; Light and Clean Settings. If you have brown walls and brown furniture, well, I pity you, but also it’s going to contribute to a den-like feel. So does anybody know of a place that sources inexpensive beach logs?

Interiors | Arranging Books By Color

29 Aug

I’m getting my guest room re-configured this week, and part of that project involves taking all the books off the massive IKEA shelf/room divider. Which means this week would be a perfect time to try out something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now: Arranging the books by color! (This might also be a way to integrate ombre into my decor more. ha.) By craftzine  San Francisco’s Adobe Bookshop  Man this room looks great! This room‘s a little more “Whee, I’m Fun!” Speaking of “whee,” the white shelves really bring out all the great colors! I’m wondering if I have enough prettily-colored spines to pull this look off… Hit me with the neutrals – I love it! Another cute girly room, with a chaise lounge to die for. Like the one I Don’t have. I’ll be wrapping all my books in brown paper if you need me… This one feels a bit OCD, but I still like it; and I love the white ones! All the blogs mentioning color-coding bookshelves speak about it in kind of a hushed way… …And then probably go on to make an art installation out of sun-bleached book covers… Looks awesome, doesn’t it? I think we’ll stop with the all-white shelves because I need to buy some more spray paint…

Interiors | Mismatched Chairs

25 Aug

Everything is about this is right. From the Right BankI like the patterns and the wire chair together… The DecorologistI’m a sucker for modern rustic. Both from Splendid Things. Used as a headboard – crazy! I like it! Natural Home and GardenThis is what I want my life to look like. Vignette DesignThis room is like architecture heaven – you really notice the shapes. Eye SpyI’m definitely convinced that white walls and floors are the way to go… Furnishing My HomeAgain with the modern rustic. I love it. Eat. Live. Shop. An instance in which I like solid color. Apartment DietThis room has a lot going on, keeping my eye pretty entertained! The StirAnother instance of doing color well (and a similar chair design – coincidence?). With an IE.

Obsessions | Indoor Caravan Hotel

25 Aug

I love the idea of camping, really I do. “Ahhh nature,” I think to myself… And then as soon as I’m setting up the tiny, mildewy tent atop what seems to be the largest number of shallowly-buried rocks and twigs and most likely the most active home of snakes and creepy crawlies known to man… It’s all campfires and water rafting and fun until I’m ready to use the bathroom or brush my teeth (or god forbid actually sleep), and then the harsh reality sets in. I decide that, actually, I hate camping. And you know what? I don’t feel bad about it at all, because I have options.

Which is where this awesome place meets me half way. Das Huttenpalast Hotel. Translated, it means the Hut Palace hotel, and this is the only kind of camping I want to do from now on! What’s up BERLIN!  How cute is this place? I’ll be staying here the next time I’m in Germany, I can tell you that! Das Huttenpalast refurbishes ye olde campers and cottages and charges 40-60 Euro a night to stay in a camper, cottage, or room (for the tamer people).  Visitors get all the fun out of sleeping in a camper and none of the annoyance or discomfort of actual camping. Win-win! I love the trees!!! For more on this awesome place (that apparently is also really proud of their rhubarb juice spritzers!), check out their website. The way the German is translated is really fun to read.

Obsessions | Urban Outfitters’ Florals

21 Aug

I am really digging some of these awesome twee floral designs UO is featuring right now. It’s possible that my house will end up looking like a teacup if I start down this path… but a really cute one! A few of these items will definitely be making their way here in no time.
Like this shower curtain, for $39. Stripes AND floral! Augh!  This one’s pretty cute, too, also for $39. What a pretty duvet cover, for $89. The Doe a Deer bowl, isn’t that clever. $6. Hmm. Maybe this is a good way to get a house full of flowers… 3×5 floral rug, $34. In all honesty, I can’t imagine hanging this up anywhere but it’s definitely unexpected and cute. Can’t argue that. Fawn Tapestry, $49. UO is killing it with all these cute shower curtains! Falling Floral shower curtain, $39.  This butterfly poster would go really well with all the floral cuteness. $24. Mercy, that teacup-to-go is precious! Ha. $18. A pastoral floral quilt for $129.

Coo over these and more at Urban Outfitters online. I’m going to go see the world through cute-lens now.

Linklove | Norskeinteriorblogger

8 Aug

This page doesn’t really translate from Norwegian to English worth a snort but the lady understands how to use IKEA in her design scheme without letting it completely overwhelm the overall aesthetic. She’s got all this great overall shabby chic/rustic business going on that I’m really liking the look of. See the whole spectrum of her Shabby Goes Modern Concept images on her blog, Norskeinteriorblogger. You’ll find yourself attaching your metal IKEA baskets to the wall in no time! {As will I.}


Design*Sponge Book Pre-Order Sale!

27 Jul

I love this chick’s blog and now she has a book coming out in September! And if you pre-order between now and Friday,  it’ll be half off at Barnes and Noble. That’s a seriously sweet deal. Here’s the link to her blog post about the whole exciting news-business, and the pre-order link if you’re interested in purchasing the book. I just got one and I can’t wait until it gets here! *squeal*

Wallpaper for the soul.

27 Jul

I have never wallpapered a single thing. But I want to. The wallpaper I have seen the most of is usually in some kind of god-awful country style and usually accompanies equally ugly paint –often in shades like “country blue” — theme! What I’m more interested in is the kind of whimsical, beautiful wallpaper like what you can find at Anthropologie. Starting around $90 a roll, however, I’m thinking I’d start with a small space or a plain piece of furniture…

All wallpaper designs by Anthropologie.