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Interiors | Freshen Up Your Space

12 Jan

This time of year there’s one thing constantly on my mind: CHANGE. Without the Christmas tree taking up the entire living room I’m suddenly irritated with the layout, my bedroom needs a feng shui alteration, the guest room has turned into holiday storage… You get the idea. Think of it as pre-spring fever.

If you’ve got the sickness as well, here’s a few ideas and links to help you tweak your space (physical and mental) a little without painting an entire wall navy blue chalkboard or just flat out moving. Ha.

Use this Color Palette Generator found via Creature Comforts to dissect your favorite photos for color inspiration (before you slap that navy paint down). I read somewhere that people like to surround themselves with colors they like to wear (i.e. look good in), so ponder on that as well – maybe your space doesn’t feel right because orange isn’t your color! And yes, I wear a lot of grey. Scour Shelterness for cool DIY projects you can use to revamp the things you already have, like vintage teacups, random garage sale finds, cool new ways to display your jewelry and more. I like this site a lot because they do a lot of IKEA revamps… Feverishly turn the pages of these fabulous online design magazines for ideas and inspiration. They left out one of my favorites, though: AnthologyGet a Pinterest account and start pinning!!! Everything that makes you happy – colors, themes, rooms, recipes… It’s a great way to get your thoughts organized and you can just follow other people’s links down the rabbit hole until you feel sufficiently inspired. And when you’re done with all that looking at awesome scenery and cabinetry you don’t have and have little hope of getting any time soon, re-arrange your living room furniture and settle in for a winter marathon! You can spend the next few winter months vacationing in the islands, caught up in the advertising world of the 1950s and 1960s; traversing the fantastical land of Coeur de Coeur, being a bit ahemaheamahem at the manor, exercising some gorgeously flagrant vocabulary out West, traveling with the freakshow in the dustbowl, laughing at Tine Fey’s hilarious oddity, learning about the streets of Baltimore, or rumbling in the Bronx (okay, Jersey), all from the comfort of your own home. And some of that is even on Netflix instant view.

I Heart Etsy | Moustaches

23 Aug

This one is actually Urban Outfitters, but I love it. 2×3 Bonjour printed rug, $19.  Moustache Pillow, $25. And in pink?! *gasp* Yes please! Pink moustache pillow, $22. And my next DIY project, a hand drawn moustache teacup! For the timid painter, $12.78. Moustache Wallet, $23.95.  For cool babies only, a funny moustache-reference onesie, $12. Cute ‘stache print, $20.  I’m loving these coasters, $12.  Kittens AND moustaches; what is this – heaven?! Um, yes! $3.50.  Monocle and Moustache necklace, $15. Gettin’ fancy with a stainless steel koozie, $9.95.  Moustache Collection tote bag, $10.  Moustache your questions (*groan*) on this chalkboard, $25.

I Heart Etsy | Patterns and Texture

22 Aug

Mexicoffee floor pillows, $60
Vintage Camp Blanket, $56.25 Vintage Turkish Rug, $179.95 
Antique Kilim Pillow Cover, $65
Turkish Hand Towel, $9.50Sumak Wool Rug, $145 Friendship Bracelets, $3.50

Obsessions | Jadeite

18 Aug

I’m back from vacation with a new obsession: Jadeite! Actually, I have a few new obsessions after this trip so stay tuned for a heavy obsessions period from here on… but we’ll deal with jadeite at the moment. Specifically jadeite milk glass. I anticipate owning a kitchen’s worth of this at some point, but all of the pieces I’ve seen recently have been crazy expensive! So I’m now on the lookout for affordable pieces… Here’s a taste… 10″ Jadeite cake stand $48  Mixing Bowl, $42  An awesome Martha Stewart Jadeite chandelier that can’t be found anywhere anymore, apparently, along with the rest of her jadeite line…but it’s beautiful…  Cute jadeite tumblers, two for $28  What a cute set! Pitcher is $32 and glasses are $12 each here These knobs are a mere $3.35 each! Vintage lamp, $100 Rolling pin, $39.99   A gorgeous 2-pc juicer…  These buttons would be cute on… well, pretty much anything.  I love this simple necklace, which is now of course sold, but this Etsy shop has some other cute jewelry!  Vintage milkshake blender, $250  And there are a bunch of great pieces for sale at Look in the Attic.

I Heart Etsy | Rustic-Primative

10 Aug

 Industrial Age Sconce Bookshelf $110 Upcycled Dining Table Set $2493  Island Barn Coffee Table $455  Reproduction Primitive Painted Hutch $1650  Vintage Chair $40  Blue Floral Shabby Chic Chairs $250  Grain Sack Chair and Ottoman $1275  Framed Rustic Barnwood $35  Rustic Wall Rack $60  Rustic Weathered Reclaimed Cedar Coasters $10  Whale Vintage Style Burlap Pillow (cover) $20  Rustic Nautical Doormat $70  Knitted Oatmeal Cup Cozy $17.50

Linklove | Norskeinteriorblogger

8 Aug

This page doesn’t really translate from Norwegian to English worth a snort but the lady understands how to use IKEA in her design scheme without letting it completely overwhelm the overall aesthetic. She’s got all this great overall shabby chic/rustic business going on that I’m really liking the look of. See the whole spectrum of her Shabby Goes Modern Concept images on her blog, Norskeinteriorblogger. You’ll find yourself attaching your metal IKEA baskets to the wall in no time! {As will I.}


*Ombre update

26 Jul

Yeah… So ombre attempt 2.0 didn’t really work all that well.

I bleached out the dark reddish brown, and then darkened and toned with le dishwater blonde– so far so good. But then when I got to the dark roots – FAIL.

I’m aiming for a cooler/ashier version than the Alexa Chung photo. I was thinking two shades darker (and then highlights) would be dark enough but that’s definitely not as drastic as it needs to be. All of this took a few days because I didn’t want to completely fry my hair, but I can’t really continue to the highlights portion until I get the dark roots right. So for now I’m taking a little break in order to ensure that I look human for our trip to Alabama this weekend, and then I’ll get back to it!

By the way, guess which of my favorite female directors is rocking her own ombre bob? Oh yeah. Sophia Coppola, you rock!

DIY | Mason Jar Projects

26 Jul

                                            Photos and DIY project borrowed from Curbly.com.

If you’re like me and you love the way mason jars look but want some alternate ways of displaying them… Here are 15-fifteen!- “awesome and easy” mason jar DIY projects collected over the internets by the folks at Curbly!

My favorites are the awesome pendant lights pictured above {and sold by BootsNGus on etsy for muchos dolares! A hunnert and seventy five bucks man!}, and the cute burlap and doily luminaries below…

The wedding photos are here!

26 Jul

Click HERE to see all 330 of our photographer’s wedding photos on snapfish!!! Photos courtesy of Bridget McEnaney Photography.

Coming back from a much needed interwebs breaklet this past weekend I finally have all the photographer’s wedding photos uploaded to a site where folks can see all three hundred-odd photos and then order prints if they so care! Whew! That was a real endeavor, after the first site I was uploading them to took about 16 hours to upload everything and then crashed. I’d like to say that I was a little disappointed with shutterfly is all.

If you want to use any of these images on the internet for any reason (like a new profile pic on Facebook etc), please use the versions I’ve uploaded to Facebook with our photographer’s watermark included so that she gets appropriate photography credit.

But anyways, enjoy…! Thanks again to the wonderful Bridget McEnaney for doing such a great job.