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Obsessions | Faux Taxidermy

6 Oct


DIY Projects | Shipping Pallet Furniture

22 Sep

The light coming into my living room is perfect this morning, which has led me to looking at the room with new eyes and wondering how to change it up for the fall. You know what would really rock in here? A daybed. By day somewhere to read by the window, and by night additional Thursday night football seating. Brilliant.

Inspired by a Shelterness DIY project and some cool photos at Vectroave, I’m all over trying to find some shipping pallets. All you need to make furniture is a pallet (or two or three), and then you can decide whether to use casters (i.e. wheels), furniture risers, or whether to just set the pallets on the floor. Then you buy a futon mattress, an air mattress, large throw pillows or just put a stack on blankets down and viola! Cool-looking cheap furniture! With cubby holes and storage spots!       Talk about versatile. Holler at me if you have any leads on where to find some cheap pallets. I’ve already asked for a drill for my birthday…

Update: You can order pallets online at Uline.com.

Obsessions | Rustic Stump Furniture

15 Sep

I really like weathered, primitive furniture, and it seems like anything made out of a stump would really be a nice addition to the old decor. ha. Now I’m not really sure if there’s somewhere one could get ahold of a stump easily other than patrolling neighborhoods after a storm, so if anybody has any awesome ideas about that please weigh in! (I’m going to be terrible and not link all of these photos, so if you want to find them on the interwebs just google stump side table or stump stool or stump furniture…)         As with every design topic there are definitely ways to do this style very wrongly, but in order to avoid your space looking like a woodland creature’s home out of a Brian Jacques novel I think the keys to success are: Rustic-In-Moderation; Mixed Textures; Light and Clean Settings. If you have brown walls and brown furniture, well, I pity you, but also it’s going to contribute to a den-like feel. So does anybody know of a place that sources inexpensive beach logs?

Interiors | Mismatched Chairs

25 Aug

Everything is about this is right. From the Right BankI like the patterns and the wire chair together… The DecorologistI’m a sucker for modern rustic. Both from Splendid Things. Used as a headboard – crazy! I like it! Natural Home and GardenThis is what I want my life to look like. Vignette DesignThis room is like architecture heaven – you really notice the shapes. Eye SpyI’m definitely convinced that white walls and floors are the way to go… Furnishing My HomeAgain with the modern rustic. I love it. Eat. Live. Shop. An instance in which I like solid color. Apartment DietThis room has a lot going on, keeping my eye pretty entertained! The StirAnother instance of doing color well (and a similar chair design – coincidence?). With an IE.

Obsessions | Indoor Caravan Hotel

25 Aug

I love the idea of camping, really I do. “Ahhh nature,” I think to myself… And then as soon as I’m setting up the tiny, mildewy tent atop what seems to be the largest number of shallowly-buried rocks and twigs and most likely the most active home of snakes and creepy crawlies known to man… It’s all campfires and water rafting and fun until I’m ready to use the bathroom or brush my teeth (or god forbid actually sleep), and then the harsh reality sets in. I decide that, actually, I hate camping. And you know what? I don’t feel bad about it at all, because I have options.

Which is where this awesome place meets me half way. Das Huttenpalast Hotel. Translated, it means the Hut Palace hotel, and this is the only kind of camping I want to do from now on! What’s up BERLIN!  How cute is this place? I’ll be staying here the next time I’m in Germany, I can tell you that! Das Huttenpalast refurbishes ye olde campers and cottages and charges 40-60 Euro a night to stay in a camper, cottage, or room (for the tamer people).  Visitors get all the fun out of sleeping in a camper and none of the annoyance or discomfort of actual camping. Win-win! I love the trees!!! For more on this awesome place (that apparently is also really proud of their rhubarb juice spritzers!), check out their website. The way the German is translated is really fun to read.

I Heart Etsy | Patterns and Texture

22 Aug

Mexicoffee floor pillows, $60
Vintage Camp Blanket, $56.25 Vintage Turkish Rug, $179.95 
Antique Kilim Pillow Cover, $65
Turkish Hand Towel, $9.50Sumak Wool Rug, $145 Friendship Bracelets, $3.50

DIY | All You Need Are Some Hairpin Legs

20 Aug

It’s amazing what a great pair of legs will do! Hairpin Legs sells these great furniture legs (for really reasonable prices!) that are 2-of-3 parts of an excellent DIY furniture project… The possibilities are numerous and all look pretty classy and expensive! The photo above was posted over on The Stir – the gorgeous reclaimed wood makes the most lovely bench. Legs come in a variety of sizes so you can do a lot with them… Here’s proof… Check this futon/cushion platform, as seen on Apartment Therapy I love the simplicity of this awesome dinner table, akin to the work of Farmidable Wow, Apartment Therapy really went to town with this project!  This little stool by Studio G is adorable!  And District Mill Works made a pretty cool side table with varying-size legs. They really used the old bean on that one! *points emphatically at skull*

I Heart Etsy | Rustic-Primative

10 Aug

 Industrial Age Sconce Bookshelf $110 Upcycled Dining Table Set $2493  Island Barn Coffee Table $455  Reproduction Primitive Painted Hutch $1650  Vintage Chair $40  Blue Floral Shabby Chic Chairs $250  Grain Sack Chair and Ottoman $1275  Framed Rustic Barnwood $35  Rustic Wall Rack $60  Rustic Weathered Reclaimed Cedar Coasters $10  Whale Vintage Style Burlap Pillow (cover) $20  Rustic Nautical Doormat $70  Knitted Oatmeal Cup Cozy $17.50