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Obsessions | Swiss Military Blanket Decor

18 Oct

Swiss Army Blankets are the coolest of military blankets. I love the way they look, all graphic and cozy and wrapped in a perfect shade of grey wool, and you can also make great-looking accessories out of them! The downsides are that they’re incredibly expensive and somebody may have died wrapped in one, so I’m considering trying to replicate the look with some paint. But until then…        Several of these articles are from the Danish design team Denken, but they don’t appear to be for sale anywhere on the website or in stores…

So let me get to thinking how I want to attempt to rock this DIY and I’ll get back to you on it! I think I have an idea…

Style Obsession | Heels with Socks

7 Oct


I’m really torn on this trend but the sassafras in me wants to rock it! It can appear really cute and fashion forward or really ridiculous and infantile, but could it be a good way to wear heels in the fall…? What do you think?

I won’t lie – I’m kinda diggin’ it…

Obsessions | Faux Taxidermy

6 Oct


Obsessions | Grey Rooms

5 Oct

I think grey is the perfect neutral. Not as harsh as stark white or as depressing as beige or buttercream, grey can go feminine or masculine, moody or cheerful, and provides a consistently classy backdrop for art.

Here’s an interesting article about finding your own colors and what they say about you, but for now let’s concentrate on how grey is awesome. Whether you want sophistication, serenity, or just a good-looking neutral, it’s all in the shade you choose and how you accent it (neutrals or bright colors). Grey provides versatility and a degree of sophistication…I am particularly drawn to the pale dove shade in the third photo – what’s your favorite shade?

Personal Shopper | Capes

4 Oct

Style Inspiration:


Checker Table Cape, $131.60 at Anthropologie. Belted Plaid Cape, $225 at LA Garconne. Double-breasted cashmere cape, $398 on Etsy. Hooded wool cape, $126 at Victoria’s Secret.  Navy Trench Cape, $159.99 at ModCloth. Oatmeal Collar Cape, $101.28 at TopShop. Black Contrast Piped Cape, $109 at TopShop.

DIY | Martha Stewart’s Halloween Costume Ideas

3 Oct

There are tons of cute costume ideas on Martha Stewart’s website




DIY Projects | Shipping Pallet Furniture

22 Sep

The light coming into my living room is perfect this morning, which has led me to looking at the room with new eyes and wondering how to change it up for the fall. You know what would really rock in here? A daybed. By day somewhere to read by the window, and by night additional Thursday night football seating. Brilliant.

Inspired by a Shelterness DIY project and some cool photos at Vectroave, I’m all over trying to find some shipping pallets. All you need to make furniture is a pallet (or two or three), and then you can decide whether to use casters (i.e. wheels), furniture risers, or whether to just set the pallets on the floor. Then you buy a futon mattress, an air mattress, large throw pillows or just put a stack on blankets down and viola! Cool-looking cheap furniture! With cubby holes and storage spots!       Talk about versatile. Holler at me if you have any leads on where to find some cheap pallets. I’ve already asked for a drill for my birthday…

Update: You can order pallets online at Uline.com.

Obsessions | Rustic Stump Furniture

15 Sep

I really like weathered, primitive furniture, and it seems like anything made out of a stump would really be a nice addition to the old decor. ha. Now I’m not really sure if there’s somewhere one could get ahold of a stump easily other than patrolling neighborhoods after a storm, so if anybody has any awesome ideas about that please weigh in! (I’m going to be terrible and not link all of these photos, so if you want to find them on the interwebs just google stump side table or stump stool or stump furniture…)         As with every design topic there are definitely ways to do this style very wrongly, but in order to avoid your space looking like a woodland creature’s home out of a Brian Jacques novel I think the keys to success are: Rustic-In-Moderation; Mixed Textures; Light and Clean Settings. If you have brown walls and brown furniture, well, I pity you, but also it’s going to contribute to a den-like feel. So does anybody know of a place that sources inexpensive beach logs?

DIY | Vintage Sheet Cocktail Napkins

14 Sep

I’m getting my first sewing machine this week and I’m about to whirr into the holidays without a single care. I’ve got big plans for making everyone’s Christmas presents this year and a dozen projects in my scope, including this cute idea for vintage cocktail napkins. For the fully expressed directions, check out the DIY project at Design*Sponge… Essentially you get some old sheets and wash ’em,  cut them into 12.5″ x 6.5″ rectangles, fold them and sew up the sides, do some fancy hemming, and then finish them off with a hot iron. Voila! So cute and easy and cheap!!!

Personal Shopper | Fall Handbags Under $50

13 Sep

This little red number also comes in chocolate and black and is a nice mid-size purse with easy-access, handle or strap options, and has a classy look about it without giant shiny logos plastered all over it. Aldo Klingner, $38. Speaking of Aldo and red bags, I’m also digging this one… A little heftier than the last (and with leopard-print lining!), this pretty lil’ thang looks to be a good size with lots of inner pockets etc, low-key hardware, and both handle and strap options. Aldo’s Johson, $50. Here’s a fun fall bag, kinda reminiscent of a horse blanket with a shoulder strap. I think I’d immediately remove the little leathery friendship bracelet thingies, but otherwise this looks like a pretty cute bag! O’Neill Sawyer, $39.50. So I’m definitely liking the simpler bags, and this black number hits all the right notes with me: Not too too big, perfect shoulder-sling handle straps, just a little bit of hardware, and soft imitation leather that doesn’t look cheap. Element Parker handbag, $48.60. This colorful number from Forever 21 has a cute boho chic vibe – I like the stripes, the straps, the muted hardware… Striped Handbag, $32.80. I am always fascinated by clutches because I’m the kind of gal who likes to carry EVERYTHING with me. It must be so freeing to just have your cards and money, lipgloss, and tissue along for the ride… ha. Kimchi Blue Metal Edge Clutch, $39.00. Because bikes are cute, as long as I don’t have to ride one! Just kidding. This bag is what’s cute, and I love the muted colors and, yet again, simple trim. Urban Outfitters, of course! Cooperative Bike Print Tote, $48. And now, for the bonus round… Because we all need a $600 Ferragamo tweed and leather handbag. Sigh.